What Makes a Good Development Company?

What Makes a Good Development Company?

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It may seem surprising that web development companies are on the uprise in 2018. It’s not news to us, though, as when Kolosek was originally created, everybody onboard was aware of both the risks and the competition from day one.

After all this time, there’s still one question that has been present ever since the web development niche was born: how do you differentiate good web development companies from the bad ones? In other words, what is it that makes a web development company, team, or even individual, good and desirable for a business founder with a bright idea?

As a business owner, or any C-level man, have you ever thought about establishing an online presence for your own creation? If your business is on a lookout for a complete package, including an SEO-ready website with reliability, security, and responsiveness in mind, then you’re most certainly on the right way towards getting the most out of your potential customer reach!

That’s when the Google searches kick in. You start by pinpointing your search terms, you get focused on good web development companies in your area, and if that set of results does not satisfy you, then you look for web developers who work for a global clientele, and eventually, you get to a shortlist of 4-5 companies that look attractive to you.

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Even so, you can’t really be sure whether or not either of those shortlisted companies are reliable, and that’s a big key word right there. Contacting the head developers themselves and asking to see their portfolios at a glance is just not going to cut it. It’s a well-known fact that the IT market is packed with a lot of options, and we at Kolosek realize how difficult it might be to hire the best one.

For that reason, we understand the most basic need to know what makes a good and professional company, well, good and professional. That is why we curated a very straightforward list of traits, through which you will be able to find your ideal web development company with ease. Here are some of the most wanted traits:

Good Web Development Companies Have Rich Portfolios

Web Development Company Portfolio Section

You must have seen at least a few websites with their own portfolio sections by now. By now, it has become the norm for all professional and good website development companies to have a dedicated Portfolio section with quality content, including a simple list of their best projects. This is crucial to understand, as the opposite practice of attaching every single project made is not really desirable.

The best projects are the ones where the whole team was involved in as many areas of development possible, so you basically want to see complete products for all sorts of various niches. Four to six big projects should be more than enough for a portfolio of a good web development company. Remember that a top-quality portfolio page will ensure that your next great idea is delivered with great care and attention.

Technical Support/Customer Support Service Is Of Top Quality

Web Development Company Technical Support Line

It’s very simple to create a plain blog post in which somebody criticizes a web development company just because of poor, post-production technical support. The Internet is a huge place, and that can happen to anyone out there.

You know you have found a good and professional web development company when you see for yourself how their technical support service is being offered to their own customers—even after their assigned project was completed long ago.

The point here is this: nobody can brag enough about how important having a good and reliable technical team is when people are actively using your products. All teams behind those products need to be ready to help out their users, which implies that your chosen web development company needs to be ready to help you whenever you face technical issues or something else on your website—no matter when!

Their Knowledgebase Is Spot-on

Web Developer Knowledge Base_Diagram

We know there’s neither a person nor a company out there that knows it all, and says they’ll work day and night to get your product built using only the framework you desire. What we do know is that a very common trait of good web development companies and their individuals is to work hard on keeping themselves, their colleagues and employees, and their clientele up-to-date with the latest trends regarding web design and development.

Knowing when e.g. Google pushed its last algorithm change, or what the last Android SDK update added and/or removed is not a necessity, by all means. It is, instead, something developers know and read about instinctively, and if applicable, share that information to everyone around them.

There is nothing wrong about seeing employees brush up on their skills from time to time by finding solutions to even the most basic programming issues on Google, because that is a good sign of their dedication towards your product idea, you as a business owner, and their own workplace. After all, web development companies are there to make you satisfied with the offered service.

Good Web Development Companies Nurture The Timeline

Product Timeline Sand Glass

It’s understandable for all web development companies to ask for an extra week or two to get the entire project or its sections completely implemented and tested to perfection. As mentioned previously, satisfaction is the end result both parties are looking for, which is why professional web development companies value their time.

Their employees are punctual, serious when it comes to testing, and hard-working, which is icing on the cake for business owners looking for people who value time. An abundance of books has been written on effective time management, but not a single one of them will help if employees are not willing to put their effort into the end product and its release.

Good web developers complete their tasks within the given and stated timeline, and they always inform you of any possible delays. Some of them are predictable, others aren’t, so a bit of compassion is also expected from both sides. Being kept updated with how the project is progressing each step of the way is also very crucial, and professionals know that!


There is not a single perfect web development company out there, but with these four most common traits, you will be able to differentiate a good software development provider from a bad one in no time!

We at Kolosek work hard on keeping our clients and our team members happy with our work ethic, and since it is our mission to be strict when it comes to respecting deadlines and keeping all parties happy with the end product, we expect nothing less from our global, world-wide competitors.