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Book An Appointment Online At A Barbershop Near You.



"Squire is a game changer. It makes getting a haircut extremely easy."

"I use Squire every time I get a hot towel shave. The booking process is seamless and I love not needing cash."

StringWire (iOS and AndroidAPP)

an NBC Universal app for live streaming/recoding from smart phone



Broadcast live video from the scene of breaking news and events. Stringwire is a platform to crowdsource live video from eye witnesses and citizens streaming from all sorts of locations and stories.


Automatic & Passive Logging of Online & Loyalty Card Food Purchases.



An application that collects information about each member’s food purchases, displays it, and offers tips, suggestions for future purchases, and recipes.

Blogging about tech

Ruby programming beginners guide

We are writing this brief tutorial on how to easily get into Ruby programming language and Ruby on Rails framework, so our community can grow with »

Lodash library usage examples

Lodash library usage with JavaScript Using lodash library Usign lodash library makes you not reinvent weel when writing JS code. The good definition is :”Applicative programming »

Elastic search on Rails

Elastic search is a mirror db with indexes of your existing DB, which is seachable trough JSON API. In order to perform search you will need »

Cucumber cheat sheet

Cucumber cheat sheet is very hard to find. Trying to find it, you will most likely to find Capybara cheat sheet which imposes as ‘Cucumber’, but »

Live Reload for Rails

Have you ever wanted to make changes in your Rails app and to immediately see changes in Browser? If so, you can consider using Live Reload »

Server firewall configuration

There are two ways to start thinking about your server firewall security. The hard way or the easy way. The easy way would be to start »

Install Mongo DB

In order to install Mongo DB you can create a bash script and run following lines sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv 7F0CEB10 sudo »