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Creating software solutions
that work

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front-end & back-end systems

Why state-of-the-art? Because every app we create is a unique piece of work
which our team, in cooperation with you, has dedicated its time to

Web Development

Our developers and designers are there to find the best and the most creative solutions for you and help you end up with a reliable product and user experience

Custom Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are timeless. With their number constantly rising, we make sure to deliver an amazing experience combined with high performance across multiple platforms

User Experience

A good user experience should speak to the end user's emotions. Why? Because it's your user's perception of the product that is going to set you apart from all the other apps out there and your competition

Round-the-clock care for your products

We always know what is ongoing and have a good advice

Quality code which will be presented
through excellent UX

The Kolosek team consists of development and designer teams which make sure that clients get to fully experience our product development process — from coming up with a project idea, to design and front-end development, all the way to back-end development

..and also

  • Product research
  • UI UX Design
  • Test driven development
  • DevOps
  • Project management
  • Marketing & Sales

Prioritizing privacy & security

We believe in process driven development & privacy of the data
ISO 9001:2013, ISO 27001:2013 USA certification


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