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Freelance job network.

Skindler is a network that connects freelancers with companies who are seeking their skills. This fullblown software offers invoicing over Stripe, an automatic payment system and progress tracking.

Rails API AngularJS Stripe
London, England
Ruby on rails and Angular JS


an NBC Universal app for live streaming/recoding from smart phones

Broadcast live video from the scene of breaking news and events. Stringwire is a platform to crowdsource live video from eye witnesses and citizens streaming from all sorts of locations and stories.

iPhone Rails API KnockoutJS Amazon AWS
San Francisco, California


astrology.com - serving 5M readers

This website is focused on astrology. It delivers high value content to its audience. The powerful code behind it to serves milions of readers each day. Part of iVillage.

Ruby Ruby on Rails
San Francisco, California
Ruby with Ruby on Rails
Rails API

Displet API

70 Million database records and growing

Ruby on rails application that searches a comprehensive database of Real Estate listings. Displet works with Amazon Web Services and therefore provides API calls with a database center.

Ruby Amazon AWS
Dallas, Texas


Financial application

HigherCircle Higher Circle has a unique model designed to capture an untapped segment of the global lending marketplace.

Ruby Ruby on Rails BackboneJS
San Francisco, California
Ruby on rails and Backbone JS


Setting up BrowserSync with Rails

  Have you ever worked on some front end stuff and you had to refresh your web page every time you do some changes? Well, BrowserSync does that for you! To enable it in your rails app, you shoud:   Install Node.js You can find installation instructions here.   Install BrowserSync Open your teriminal and […]

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Setting up VCR and webmock for Cucumber testing

In order to setup VCR and webmock for cucumber testing you should:   Add webmock and VCR gems to your Gemfile.rb: # Gemfile.rb group :test do gem ‘webmock’ gem ‘vcr’ end   Add file called vcr_setup.rb in your /features/support/ folder that will be used for VCR configuration. # features/support/vcr_setup.rb require ‘vcr’ VCR.configure do |c| c.cassette_library_dir = ‘features/cassettes’ c.hook_into […]

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Ubuntu run script on start up

In order to run custom script on start up on Linux / Ubuntu system, you can follow these steps: Create custom file e.g. startup_script in your home folder vim startup_script Then edit script and enter following cd /home/SOME_USER/projects/YOUR_AWESOME_FOLDER/; bundle exec rails s Now make that script executable chmod +x startup_script Now open cron tab crontab […]

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Learn jQuery with Rails

In order to learn jQuery fast, and use it withing your Ruby on Rails project, we would advise following steps: Learn basics of JavaScript You can freely skip some steps here and there which you find that you already know. https://www.codecademy.com/learn/javascript Learn basics of jQuery https://www.codecademy.com/learn/jquery When you finish learning basics of JavaScript so you […]

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Ruby programming beginners guide

We are writing this brief tutorial on how to easily get into Ruby programming language and Ruby on Rails framework, so our community can grow with new developers. First thing first, Ruby on Rails framework is based on Ruby programming language, and the learning should start from there. Our recommended steps: Ubuntu installation instructions We […]

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Cucumber cheat sheet

Cucumber cheat sheet is very hard to find. Trying to find it, you will most likely to find Capybara cheat sheet which imposes as ‘Cucumber’, but in fact those are two different things. Here I am going to list the common list of cucumber steps used in tests: Form interaction And I click on “Some […]

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Ruby on Rails code quality

In this article we will point out steps on what can you do in order to improve your code quality in Ruby on Rails apps that you are building. Follow up Ruby style guide Yes, let’s start from basics. You can read community driven Ruby style guide at https://github.com/bbatsov/ruby-style-guide Follow up Rails style guide You […]

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Lodash library usage examples

Lodash library usage with JavaScript Using lodash library Usign lodash library makes you not reinvent weel when writing JS code. The good definition is :”Applicative programming is the pattern of defining a function that takes a function and then invokes that function for each element in a collection/list” A very neat example you can find […]

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Elastic search on Rails

Elastic search is a mirror db with indexes of your existing DB, which is seachable trough JSON API. In order to perform search you will need to have the data synced between your DB and ElasticSerach. This can be done via rivers to pull data from your application or to push data to your ES […]

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Live Reload for Rails

Have you ever wanted to make changes in your Rails app and to immediately see changes in Browser? If so, you can consider using Live Reload Rails feature Install livereload Ubuntu sudo apt-get install python-livereload Install Chrome extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/livereload Enable http fecth in settings or Use rack https://github.com/johnbintz/rack-livereload Start live reload livereload ~/projects/project-name/app Add guard-livereload […]

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