Bashrc tweaks for ruby

After long time of using the .bashrc file to store our commands here we share some of our tricks to make the most out of .bashrc file.

Alias methods for shorter commands

We put our most common used commands in the bashrc file under alias methods:

alias rs="bundle exec rspec spec"
alias rr="bundle exec rake routes"
alias rc="bundle exec cucumber --format=pretty"
alias rcw="bundle exec cucumber --profile=wip --format=pretty"
alias rakem="bundle exec rake db:migrate"
alias rakep="bundle exec rake db:test:prepare"
alias spork="bundle exec spork"
alias sporkc="bundle exec spork cucumber"
alias railss="bundle exec rails server"
alias be="bundle exec"
alias railsc="bundle exec rails console"
alias bi="bundle install --path vendor/bundle"

Git branch information per application (master/development..)

Add following line in .bashrc and you will have information on which branch git is all the time

PS1='[\[email protected]\h \W$(__git_ps1 " (%s)")]\$ '