Top 10 Best Startup Interview Questions

Top 10 Best Startup Interview Questions

Having a startup is a handful as it is. You, as a founder, have so many things to juggle - all the projects, all the people, and, on top of that, employing a new co-worker. Not easy, mate. That's why we made a list of startup interview questions to help you.
In this post, we focused only on business/career related startup interview questions. Have patience, my friend, in one of our next post, we will explain which questions you should ask in order to get to know the candidate better.
For now, you have to make sure that the candidate has enough knowledge to fill in the blanks. You simply have to ask the right questions.

Introduction and all that good stuff

Shaking hands, saying "Nice to meet you", helping the candidate to feel more comfortable, smiling at him/her etc. All of the mentioned things are important, but let's get to the startup interview questions part. Here is a list of questions you should always ask:

How did you hear about this job opportunity?

If your company's promotion is done right, the candidate could have seen hat job opportunity on multiple channels. On your website, other websites, Facebook page, through a friend etc.
The most passionate ones usually load the company's page to see if there is a job opening. This means that they are familiar with your company and that they have a desire to apply. If somebody told the candidate that the position he/she is interested in has just opened and the candidate decided to apply, don't be surprised if he/she doesn't even know what's the company's name. Just sayin'.

Why do you want to work for us?

When an interviewer asks this question, a common mistake is saying "I would like to work in this field/in that position, because it is challenging and fun". You should stop them right there. Insist on getting the answer on the question why they would like to work for YOUR company.

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Where do you see this industry going?

This is not a typical question. However, you want for your candidate to know what he/she is getting into. Also, according to Angela Ruth, in the post, this is a way you'll see how can the candidate can help you grow the business.

Why is this position perfect for you?

This is the time when you are going to hear something more about that person, that is career-related and see if he/she really fits in.
If you can see the desire in the candidate's eyes, that is a good start. However, you should focus on the results, numbers, that the candidate made in his/her past company. Don't settle for a strategist and a good thinker. You need someone that is prepared to work hard and bring good results. This is one of the startup interview questions that can make a breaking point.

What are you looking for in this position?

Be aware that both sides have expectations and they need to be synced, in a way. Hear the candidate's side and see what he or she is up to. If the candidate asks for more than you can give, that is an issue (obviously).

What is your work style?

Keep in mind that a startup has a different environment than the company that has been going strong for the past 50 years. You, the founder, of all people, probably don't wear suits all day or at all. Therefore, you need someone similar to join the team.
However, be careful. There are some people, especially in the IT, that have different working habits. They don't get up at 7 AM, get dressed and go to work. They are more of a night birds. If this is something you can look away from in order to get excellence, good for you.
As you can see, these startup interview questions will help and in no time find the right person for the team.

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Have you had a chance to use our product?

You should ask this question if your company has an app/platform/game or some sort of product that is widely available. If the product is available and the candidate hadn't had a chance to get to it, choose some other person.

Do you have any new ideas you want to implement?

This is an awesome question because you'll get to see how creative the candidate is. While he/she is talking, try not to interrupt and then politely say that the candidate was wrong, if that is the case.

In our case, we like when the candidate is not prepared for the question. That's when the creativity, experience, and adrenaline make magic. If the candidate really knows your company and what you do, there will be no problem with these types of startup interview questions.

Why do you want to work at a startup company?

Startup company requires adjustments. Working with few people, in a limited environment, probably faster than other companies do. It is not for everyone.

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Do you have any questions for me?

This is one of the greatest startup interview questions of them all :) If the candidate doesn't have anything to ask you, that probably means he/she is not interested and proactive enough to work in a such a challenging environment.

To conclude

Finding the person that you are going to delegate a responsibility is a big deal. We hope that this startup interview questions helped you figure out on who you can rely on.
Be tough as the Rock, Dwayne Johnson himself is. You got this!

See y'all later!