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Over the years, we have created a number of high-quality apps using Ruby on Rails, React, Angular, Node, and other technologies.
Our team has worked on and contributed to various mobile and web development projects.


Client: Squire Our role: Project lead, front-end development in ReactJS Technologies: NodeJS, ReactJS, iOS native Location: San Francisco, New York Y combinator

Squire helps users discover barber shops based on their location. It checks the availability and helps the user to reserve a timeslot. Paying for the service is pretty easy and done in the app.

The biggest challenge with creating Squire was to build the project in three different technologies and combine them in one meaningful, production-ready product. We have managed to overcome this challenge and the results were amazing - the app ended up featuring over 1,000 shop owners. The success has not gone unnoticed, since the app is featured in Techcrunch magazine.

GetSquire screenshot 1
GetSquire screenshot 2


Client: O.School Our role: Development team Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Ruby, API Location: San Francisco Raised A series

A vrtual classroom app, based on live streaming technology and moderated chat. O.school is a one of a kind software that touches a slightly sensitive topic.

We always remember creating O.school with great joy, especially the collaboration with Andrea, the CEO. After development, 800 000$ was raised to help achieve its goal. The success was also feautred in Techcrunch magazine.

Oschool image
Oschool stream


Client: Boardspan Our role: Interim CTO, Full tech team Technologies: Ruby/Rails, JavaScript, 3rd party integrations Location: San Francisco 98% test coverage, high reliability

This is a Ruby on Rails application that brings everything your board needs in one place. It has a number of 3rd party integrations, document synchronization and company feeds integrated in close collaboration with numerous third-party data sources.

The groundbreaking Online Board Search and High Service Consulting are the two most time- and cost-efficient ways to build your board. It’s not only easier…it’s smarter. Nowadays, many companies use Boardspan, including public, private and non-profit organizations..

Boardspan image
Boardspan Compensation page


Client: Startup Our role: Extension of the team in Texas Technologies: ReactJS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails Location: Austin

Navigate the blockchain with Rency's research.

Rency provides comprehensive ratings and analysis on popular cryptocurrencies in the industry. Analyze, compare, and contrast on Rency before investing..

Rency Compensation page
Rency image


Client: Startup Our role: Maintaince team Technologies: ReactJS, NodeJS Location: Melbourne

Find or create the perfect list for any job. Add custom fields such as text, numbers,
ratings, checkboxes, images, maps, and more..

Listium image
Listium Compensation page


Client: Displet Our role: Development of the app Technologies: Ruby, Amazon AWS Location: Dallas, Texas

Real Estate search API built in Ruby on Rails along with administration console. API provides search results for whole Texas state and beyond.

DB has 70 Milion records in database of rental properties, properties for sale and sold apartments. Each month it imports 2 million new records of data, and everything is handeled with Amazon multi server enviroment along with read replicas of the DB.

Displet screenshot
Displet image

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Client: Wrap Our role: Extension of the team in San Francisco Technologies: AngularJS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Android Location:San Francisco Raised B round

Mobile engagement technology for deepening relationships, improving loyalty and driving commerce. Tell your story, provide service, or sell products right in the messaging feed. All with no programming, no waiting, and no apps to download.

Working on Wrap was inspiring, to say the least. The Wrap was a big startup that raised Series B funding. While working on this project, Kolosek team had a chance to partner up with around 100 people from the San Francisco office.

Wrap screenshot


Client: NBC News channel Our role: Extension of the NewYork based team Technologies: AngularJS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Android Location:San Francisco

An NBC News channel app for live streaming/recoding from smart phone. Stream your world real-time with live video from anywhere to audiences everywhere. It is built to support millions of users.

Just like it was the case with astrology.com, Kolosek team was an extension of the team in New York. Our partnership was even better than the first time.

In the end, StringWire has proved to be a huge success! Actually, it was used until the Periscope from Twitter took the lead in the same field.

StringWire screenshot


Client: NBC News Our role:Extension of the NewYork team Technologies:Ruby, Ruby on Rails, API Location:San Francisco In production for 10+ years, acquired

Astrology is an NBC News Channel app that has been in the production for 10+ years. It’s unique design and fail-safe feature got this product to be sold after 3 years of our collaboration with the team in New York.

Working as an extension of a New York-based team was a great experience! Cooperating with the team was easy and both team’s creativity came to life.

Astrology was a huge step forward for Kolosek. After the successful acquisition of the app, we have partnered with NBC News channel to work on next big project - StringWire.

Astrology image
Astrology image


Client: GrandConsulting Our role: Tech lead, 100% development Technologies:Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sockets, API Location:San Francisco Rapid development principle

Teletale is a private, enterprise application for in-house handling incoming calls from customers. It has numerous features that can help the business: integrated payment tracking, integrated payment billing, live call recording and many others.

Creating Teletale was a bit challenging. However, we managed to develop full-blown production ready app in 1 month. How? Thanks to Rapid Development approach. We distinctly remember that the client's response was just "Well damn, I didn't expect that!". It has been in production since the very first day it was sent to the client.

Private app

Teletale list
Teletale client

Prospect Manager

Our role: Tech lead, 100% development Technologies: React Native, Redux Mobile app

Prospect is a sales automation platform which helps the user to easily generate prospects’ email, phone number, job title or any other information that could be of interest. In fact, finding prospects’ information has never been so effortlessーthe web app requires adding a Google Chrome Extension and all the information is just one click away.

How did we help Prospect.io? We collaborated with them to create a mobile version of this app, perfect for the modern sales team. We used React Native to do it. Although it took us only a month to build the app we can positively say it is was a joy making it. If you are interested in how the app looks and works, check it out on Google Play Store.

Prospect screenshot
Prospect screenshot

Hunter Manager

Our role: Tech lead, 100% development Technologies: React Native, Redux Mobile app

Hunter.io app definitely caught our eye and we decided to “make a move”. This is a product similar to the Prospect’s oneーan automated tool for finding emails. With this tool, finding emails has never been that accessible.

Inspired by the product we created for Prospect.io, we decided to make a mobile version of the Hunter app. One of the benefits of this app is that it provides the user with a couple searching possibilities which generate the most exacting email addresses. This is just one of the features we included in our mobile version of the app.

On our journey of bringing the app to life, we used React Native, which delivered the best product solution in no-time. We believe Hunter team would be pleased with this solution.

In development

Hunter screenshot
Hunter screenshot

Circleci Manager

Our role: Tech lead, 100% development Technologies: React Native, Redux Mobile app

Circle Ci is an app that helps development teams to automate their process from committing to deploying. Its biggest advantages are that it has multiple integrations and provides automated tests. With this automation platform, an app can meet the market faster. We liked the concept behind this idea, so we decided to turn it into a mobile version. With the help of React Native, we managed to transfer this platform to a mobile world. We are glad to have a chance to help fellow developers in being more productive and building an app with more control and flexibility.

In development

Circleci screenshot
Circleci screenshot


Client: Stylemyle Our role: Updating servers, migrating database, server protection, development Technologies: Ruby on Rails, eCommerce Location: Singapore

Stylemyle is a leading online retailer for emerging, premium and contemporary luxury fashion brands. Based on the idea of “Discovery” Stylemyle provides the ultimate mix of emerging and established contemporary luxury designers from unique boutiques around the world. They offer a unique shopping experience across mobile, tablet and desktop where customers can seamlessly order an amazing mix of stylish designers.

Stylemyle image 2
Stylemyle image 1


Client: Versacommerce Our role: Adding plugins, micro-services Technologies: Ruby on Rails, eCommerce Location: Germany

VersaCommerce is an integrated platform for sales on all important channels: online shop, cash register, Amazon and Facebook. These are operated from the digital product catalog and all orders, invoices and goods stocks are managed centrally.

Versa image 2
Versa image 1

Simone LeBlanc

Client: Simone LeBlanc Our role: Adding plugins, micro-services Technologies: Ruby on Rails, eCommerce Location: Los Angeles, USA

Simone LeBlanc is a premium gift company in Los Angeles creating unique gift boxes for wedding, celebration, birthdays corporate gifts and numerous other special events. Highest quality products, love of fine details and authentic approach has acquired them loyal customers and high profile devotees.

Simone LeBlanc image 2
Simone LeBlanc image 1