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Make an apointment at a barbershop near you

The customer-facing platform is a mobile app and website that lets users find barbershops close to them and book an appointment without having to call or text. Plus it lets you pay and tip your barber without having to use cash.

Technologies: Node, React, IOS
Location: San Francisko, New York

Automatic & passive logging of online & loyality card food purchases

All your food purchasesfrom everywhere you shop, transformed into your food story while your sleep. Your personal food guru always at your fingertips.

Technologies: Ruby, AngularJS, Android, iPhone
Location: New York, USA



Tell your story, provide service, or sell products right in the messaging feed. All with no programming, no waiting, and no apps to download.

Technologies: AngularJS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Android
Location: San Francisko, USA

Higher Circle

We match lenders to credit-worthy entrepreneurs to create opportunities and change the world

Higher Circle is a market-place lending platform (aka peer-to-peer lending) that matches lenders to credit-worthy small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) in emerging markets. Higher Circle’s platform allows lenders access to a new asset class with higher yields on their deposits.

Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails,BackboneJS
Location: San Francisco, California


An NBC Universal app for live streaming/recoding from smart phone

Broadcast live video from the scene of breaking news and events. Stringwire is a platform to crowdsource live video from eye witnesses and citizens streaming from all sorts of locations and stories.

Technologies: AngularJS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Android
Location: San Francisko, USA


Live video classrooms

Highly interactive, offering instant feedback on a student’s progress. Students interact with tutors in virtual classrooms that are integrated into the application.

Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Streaming
Location: London, England


Online Video Streaming Service

Similar to YouTube, but built specifically for major motion picture companies to meet their unique needs, including encryption. Provides API for the purchase and streaming of movies. Initially built by 28 people, the project was effectively overtaken and finalized by 3 developers from Kolosek.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, BackboneJS
Location: London, England

Displet API

70 Million records and growing

A Ruby on rails application that searches a comprehensive database of Real Estate listings. Displet works with Amazon Web Services and therefore provides API calls with a database center.

Technologies: Ruby, Amazon AWS
Location: Dallas, Texas