Mobile apps portfolio


Mobile app for board members mainly in US. To be used by directors for looking at financial data of their companies and comparing them with other team leaders.


Technology stack:

  • React-Native 0.58
  • React-Native-Router-Flux - easy and elegant solution for screen routing
  • React-Native-Highcharts for displaying data in charts
  • Redux for easy state management
  • Redux-Saga used for handling side effects. Sending calls to API or managing data in AsyncStorage.
  • Native Base components are used as building blocks for the whole application
  • Reselect for achieving better performance via memozied selectors
  • Integration of external API calls for financial information
  • Android and iOS compatibility
  • Staging version
  • Session store, reset password, opens in application
  • Secure authentication with expiring tokens

HR Application

Application for measuring KPI of people involved in companies.

(Under development/NDA protected)

Technology stack:

  • React-Native 0.35
  • Custom module for Android for cropping images since back at the time, none of the stable solutions existed
  • Custom module for iOS for manipulating images
  • Redux-Thunk for handling API calls using promises
  • Redux for better handling of application state
  • Enzyme for testing the logic of React components
  • Jest and react-test-rendered for snapshot testing
  • Push notifications using Pusher

CircleCI Manager

Manager for continuous integration service.


  • React-Native 0.47
  • Authorization granted through provided CircleCI key
  • Redux as state manager
  • Enzyme for testing components and integration tests
  • Snapshot testing
  • Redux-Thunk for handling HTTP calls
  • Jest for unit and snapshot testing

Hunter Manager

Use hunter to find email addresses: simply type a domain name to start your search.


  • React-Native for cross-platform support (Android/iOS)
  • Redux for state management
  • Redux-Saga for handling side effects using ES6 generators
  • Reselect for achieving better performance using memoized selectors
  • Jest for unit and snapshot testing
  • Enzyme for components tests

StringWire API

Stringwire is a live-streaming mobile app for covering breaking news events. Witness, report, and share video in real-time. Collaborate with other Stringers to capture multiple perspectives of the same event. Streamed video is automatically stored online for future viewing and sharing. Stringwire is available for iOS and Android. It also integrates with GoPro and drone cameras.

-Implementing API for iOS/Android version