9 Ruby on Rails Blogs You Should Follow

9 Ruby on Rails Blogs You Should Follow

If you’re a Rails developer (or aspiring to become one), you know how important it is to stay up to date with all Ruby related news. It can sometimes even be overwhelming because there are so many sources of information online. It can be hard to determine which ones are actually legitimate.
Also, every developer appreciates the help of a community. Problems are solved much faster with other people’s experience.
So, here are the best everyday reads for busy a Ruby on Rails developer who wants to keep up.

1. Ruby Weekly

We all hate boring and spammy newsletters. This is definitely not one of them. Ruby Weekly is very concise, to the point and current. They will deliver one newsletter to your inbox per week, and it will be packed with useful info, no matter what you do with your Ruby code.
There’s a sample issue of the latest newsletter so you can take a look at that before deciding whether you want to give them your email address.

2. Everyday Rails

This blog has been around for a while now. It’s not updated regularly, but it’s packed with useful stuff, especially if you’re into testing. It also contains a lot of handy tips you can use to make your workday easier.
The blog has a “get things done” approach and that’s probably what we like most about it.

3. The Official Rails Blog

Well, of course. We recommend the official RoR blog for timely updates about the framework. It contains all the relevant changelogs for the gems.
There’s also a “This Week in Rails” section with practical tips from developers.

4. /r/ruby

If you’re not already using Reddit as a channel for learning about development, it’s high time you got started.
/r/ruby is a lively community full of people who are ready to share their knowledge (and their frustrations)

5. Drifting Ruby

This is a screencast and a blog which is updated fairly often. So, if you’re a fan of learning things visually, this is a great place.
The website is run by a Rubyist Dave Kimura.

6. RailsCasts

While we’re at screencasts, we have to mention the RailsCasts.
This website hasn’t been running for a while now, but the archives are definitely worth the visit, especially for someone who’s just starting out.

7. Ruby Inside

This is another blog with news and tutorials that haven’t been updated in the past few years. Again, the archive is more than valuable for issues we’re facing today.

8. Go Rails

Another one for visual learners. GoRails YouTube channel is updated weekly and contains detailed tutorials. Most videos are just a few minutes long, but the longest you’ll spend on a single video is around 20 minutes.

The description of the screencasts states they are there to “fill in the gaps, explain the confusing pieces, and give you an understanding you can't find elsewhere”.

9. Ruby Flow

If you enjoy the concept of HackerNews, you’ll like Ruby Flow. It’s just the community, pushing out the content they find most useful.

What should we add to the list? Share your favorite blogs, YouTube channels, subreddits or other sources you use for Rails in the comments below.