We build Web apps

Top tech solutions for startups and mid-size companies. Involved in open-source too


Ruby on Rails / AngularJS / BackboneJS / .NET / ...


We helped small and big companies from all continents so far. From Beijing, Melbourne to London and San Francisco. Good communication and diving deep into the problem is a way to go.

How we do it?


We listen. We learn about idea, your needs and goals, and then we create a strategy to achieve it.


We take the goals and strategy, then combine them with our talent and expertise to build an amazing app.


We test, debug and retest. Also setup all necessary and multiple environments.


When it goes live - we track it's performance, stability.


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Our offices

  • Bulevar Oslobodjenja, Novi Sad
  • Serbia
  • Phone: +381 21 300 7577
  • New York City
  • Astoria, 11101
  • Phone: +1 917 3 000 681