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What Are the Benefits of Writing for Us?

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Staying Up-To-Date

As a young developer or a designer-to-be, it is important to follow all the latest trends in tech. Fortunately, a development community all over the world is well-built and there is always a chance to learn new things, read and write about them.

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Be a Student and a Guest Author

Don’t have time to write a guest post because you have finals coming soon? No problem, you work on your own schedule, no pressure at all.

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Get Paid

One of the obvious reasons why you should become our Guest Author is because you are going to get paid. We appreciate hard work and are always willing to reward it.

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Make Your Contribution

Development community survives because its members try to share ideas, projects and help a developer in need. With the thousands of visitors on Kolosek site per day, you will be able to leave your mark and get recognition.

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