Kolosek Scholarships

"Everyday life is like programming, I guess. If you love something you can put beauty into it." Donald Knuth

Scholarship Topic Description

To the best of your ability, write an 800-1000 word essay on the topic “How Web Development Changed The World”. The essay should focus on how modern day web development was revolutionized with masses of 3rd party frameworks and libraries being published daily.


Kolosek’s 2018 summer scholarship award is for all high school or college/university students living within the following regions:

All applicants are required to fill in the student information form below and attach their essay in the .PDF format. Since we will be going through all submissions after the deadline, it is also mandatory that all scholarship applications contain original content.

The award will be given to the student with the most compelling essay, which will be judged by an external panel of professional and experienced developers.

All submissions need to be uploaded by 11:59PM PST on June 9, 2018 for students in the United States and/or Canada.

The winner of Kolosek’s 2018 scholarship will be announced on our website and social media, and contacted by 11:59PM PST on June 18, 2018.

The winning project’s applicant will receive a one-time scholarship of $1,000, which the student may use for the following school-related expenses: tuition, fees, books, and on-campus room and board.

Kolosek will contact the scholarship winner via email at the address provided in the form below. They are required to respond back to us within five (5) days in order to receive the award. All scholarship funds and efforts are provided by Kolosek and will be paid via mail to the winning applicant.

Privacy Policy

By submitting a project along with contact information, the scholarship applicant grants Kolosek complete permission over announcing the applicant’s name, school/college, photo (if submitted), and essay across our website (https://kolosek.com), and all other marketing channels, regardless of whether or not the applicant’s work won the scholarship award.

Kolosek is also granted permission to contact you about any information within your application at any time during both the scholarship award period and the essay review period.

Any email communication with Kolosek and/or its representatives may be retained in order to go through and respond to all received questions or scholarship-related inquiries. Kolosek and its representatives will not sell, share, rent, or otherwise transfer your information other than in accordance with the terms described by this Privacy Policy. By submitting your application to the scholarship award, you grant Kolosek your express consent to confirm your admission and attendance at the college or university by contacting the institution for verification.

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