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full-time position

Kolosek Values

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Being true to clients, our team members and everyone we partner with is a significant part of how we do business. That is why we let the work speak for ourselves.

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There would be no fun in the world if we were all the same. We embrace every gender, race, age or sexual orientation.

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Through constant learning, we are able to include innovative technologies in our software development process. We are not afraid of change.

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The Kolosek team is not trying to become a conglomerate. Instead, we are a small development team because that takes the best care of our co-workers.

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Flexible working schedules allow us to maximally adjust to clients needs while taking into account necessitates of our team members. We always make sure both sides are satisfied with the outcome.

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Passion is at the core of every task we do. Passion for learning allows us to live our dreams each day.