Boot Camp - Place Where We Build Developers

Boot Camp - Place Where We Build Developers

We are excited to announce that our three-week-long boot camp is about to start. 22nd of August is just around the corner and we are fully preparing for it.
We have chosen five developers from a group of 100 applicants, who will be trained to become rock solid full-stack developers in a matter of weeks.

Focus is on preparing junior developers to write high-quality, fast, and tested code.

We also want our recruits to learn how to be good team players, to produce quality, but at the same time to have fun doing it.
Our work will be at everyone's disposal and we will give access to our final product. In order to get the access, stay tuned and receive notifications by signing up below.

Get free access to our finished product by clicking right here

If you are a junior developer or a student at a reputable university and are interested to take part in our next boot camp, please sign up for the internship.
The idea for this boot camp comes from a good place. We want to make our contribution to the community in the same way as the open source public is making a contribution by helping developers all around the world.