Instant & Effortless Food Tracking

Automatic & Passive Logging of Online & Loyalty Card Food Purchases. Free Paper Receipt Transcription for Everything Else.

Tracking & understanding the nutritional value of the food you buy doesn't require you to give up your day job. BagIQ does all the heavy lifting to enable you to make enlightened, data-driven food decisions. A little food hacking for a healthier, happier you.

Get connected

All your food purchases from everywhere you shop, transformed into your food story while you sleep.

Know your food

We deep dive into your food data to create personal insights, highlighting what matters most.

Eat a bit better

Just a few painlessly improved food choices will lead to a healthier, happier you.

easily track all your food intake

We are sure you are familiar with the saying "You are what you eat." BagIQ is going to help you become a better version of yourself - healthier, happier and hip.


Ruby, AngularJS, Android, IPhone

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